Spoken English Advanced (Gold)

$ 480

The course includes sixteen 90-minute group sessions over 2 months, with 2 sessions each week. Participants learn healthcare communication skills through live role-play sessions simulating medical scenarios. The course offers assessments with automated instant marking, a progress checker, and complete course materials. Prerequisite: intermediate (B1) level.  


Spoken English: Advanced (Gold) 6 Months Access 

Advanced Course – Your Pathway to Superior Clinical Communication

Overview: “Spoken English: Advanced – English for Spoken English ” at Monse-Heart Institute is a specialized course designed for healthcare professionals striving to excel in spoken English communication within clinical settings. This advanced program builds on the foundational skills acquired in the Essential Course, offering an in-depth exploration into the subtleties and complexities of medical English for spoken communication.

Course Accessibility: Our Advanced Course is readily available 24/7 on our Premium Learning Management System (LMS), providing:

  • Advanced Communication Skills: Develop vital skills for clear and effective spoken interactions with patients and colleagues in medical settings.
  • Real-World Speaking Simulations: Practical speaking simulations replicate healthcare scenarios, honing your verbal communication skills in real-life clinical contexts.
  • Pronunciation Focus: A dedicated module led by expert instructors, focusing on pronunciation to ensure accurate and understandable spoken English in healthcare environments.

Who Should Enroll: This course is specifically designed for:

  • Healthcare professionals who have completed the Essential Course and wish to advance their spoken English skills in medical contexts.
  • Medical practitioners seeking to elevate their spoken English communication to a more proficient and confident level.

Outcome: Upon completing the “Spoken English: Advanced – English for Spoken English ” course, participants will be equipped to deliver superior patient care, effectively communicate in collaborative medical settings, and excel in English-speaking healthcare environments. Graduates will be distinguished by their enhanced ability to articulate complex medical information and interact proficiently with patients and colleagues.

Join the “Spoken English: Advanced – English for Spoken English ” course at Monse-Heart Institute and take a significant step towards mastering spoken English in the medical field. This course is your gateway to achieving excellence in clinical communication, essential for healthcare professionals in a globalized world.

Course Material

  • Speaking Simulation with Healthcare Scenarios
  • Essential Pronunciation practice
  • 100+ Practice Questions

Mock Test

  • 1 Mock Test with automated Instant marking