Monse Heart

Student Photo & Video Consent

As a participant in Monse-Heart Healthcare & Safety Tutoring Institute LLC programs, you grant us the right to use your image, whether in still or video format, as well as your recorded voice on audio or video. Your image and/or voice may be edited, duplicated, exhibited, published, or distributed.

These materials may be used in various contexts, including but not limited to:

This consent covers the display of these recordings electronically on the internet or in public educational settings. The validity of this consent has no geographic or time limitations, exclusively applying to recordings collected during Monse-Heart Healthcare & Safety Tutoring Institute LLC sessions.

By providing this consent, you agree to waive any rights to inspect or approve the finished product, as well as any rights to royalties or other compensation related to the use of your image or recording.


This consent is ongoing and does not require prior approval. If you wish to withdraw this agreement, please provide us with a written statement expressing your decision.


We are committed to consulting you for the use of these materials for purposes other than those listed above. Your continued use of our services or website signifies your acceptance of these terms. It’s your responsibility to periodically review this policy for any changes.