Monse Heart


Partnering for Success

Welcome to Monse-Heart!
At Monse-Heart Healthcare & Safety Tutoring Institute LLC, we are more than just an institution; we are partners in your success. Established in 2019 and transitioning to a global online platform in 2023, we provide an empowering environment for healthcare professionals and individuals to excel in their chosen fields.

Empowering Your Organization

We are thrilled to be chosen as your partner in enhancing your organization’s English language skills. Monse-Heart focuses on boosting your company’s marketability by improving your employees’ English proficiency. Our comprehensive English language courses cover beginner to advanced levels, encompassing speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills.

Excellence in Teaching

Our faculty comprises passionate, native, and near-native English-speaking professionals dedicated to facilitating English learning. Their expertise aims to instill in your employees the confidence and competence necessary for professional communication in English.

Our Dual Commitment

Our commitment is twofold: nurturing ambitions and transforming dreams into reality. We achieve this through:

Partnership Benefits

We invite your esteemed organization to join hands with us, so we can achieve more together. Benefits of partnering with Monse-Heart include:

Embrace the Future with Monse-Heart

We extend a warm invitation to your respected establishment, be it for-profit or non-profit, hospitals, healthcare institutions, or other organizations. Let’s share the responsibility of nurturing global citizens and healthcare professionals. Together, we can enhance your employees’ or students’ English language skills and healthcare education.


Join us in shaping a future where individuals unleash their potential with passion and purpose. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together, nurturing ambitions that transcend boundaries. For more information about partnerships, please feel free to reach out to us.