Healthcare Communications: Advanced (Bronze)

$ 240

The course includes sixteen 30-minute group sessions over 2 months, with 2 sessions each week. Participants learn healthcare communication skills through live role-play sessions simulating medical scenarios. The course offers assessments with automated instant marking, a progress checker, and complete course materials. Prerequisite: intermediate (B1) level.   


Healthcare Communications: Advanced (Bronze) 6 Months Access

The “Spoken English: Advanced for Healthcare Communications” course at Monse-Heart Institute is meticulously designed to enhance healthcare professionals’ communication skills. This advanced training sharpens the ability to manage sensitive healthcare discussions effectively, ensuring clear and compassionate communication with patients and their families. Emphasizing the ’empathy effect,’ this course fosters trust and meaningful connections, which are critical for patient care.

Course Accessibility:
Accessible 24/7 through our state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS), this course offers:

  • Advanced Modules: These focus on refining speaking and listening skills, tailored specifically for interactions with patients and their families, and emphasize empathy, cultural competence, and professional bedside manners.
  • Complex Real-World Scenarios: Participants will tackle simulations and case studies that mirror the intricate dynamics healthcare professionals encounter with patients and caregivers, enhancing skills in managing emotional and complex dialogues effectively.
  • Enhanced Interactive Live Classes: Live sessions include role-playing activities with actors to simulate patient interactions, providing practical experience in applying communication skills in realistic settings.
  • Critical Application Practices: Practical exercises consolidate advanced language skills with real-life application, ensuring participants are well-prepared to communicate critical information with compassion in clinical environments.

Who Should Enroll:
This course is specifically designed for:

  • Healthcare providers aiming to enhance their communicative efficacy with patients and families in English-speaking contexts.
  • Medical practitioners and specialists who seek to improve patient relations and care delivery through superior communication skills.
  • Professionals anticipating roles where advanced communication is essential, especially in culturally diverse environments.

Upon completion, participants will be adept at conducting high-stakes communications with confidence and empathy. Continued professional development through targeted workshops and seminars on empathy, cultural sensitivity, and healthcare communication is highly recommended.

Your Journey to Professional Mastery with Monse-Heart:
Advance your career with Monse-Heart’s specialized course. Integrating deep linguistic proficiency with essential healthcare insights, this training equips you to significantly enhance interpersonal interactions within your practice. You’ll learn to approach every patient conversation with empathy and precision, ensuring your professional interactions are as impactful as they are informative.

Course Material

  • Speaking Simulation with Healthcare Scenarios
  • Essential Pronunciation practice
  • 100+ Practice Questions

Mock Test

  • 1 Mock Test with automated Instant marking