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Spoken English for Beginners: Part 1

English in Action: Real English for Everyday Life

Spoken English for Beginners : Part 1

Group Classes

40-minute (12 sessions/month, 3 Live sessions/week)

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Unit 1: $200 USD            

Unit 2: $200 USD            

Unit 3: $200 USD            

Spoken English Part 1

A: Specifically designed for beginners to elementary learners, English in Action: Real English for Everyday Life - Spoken English Part 1 at Monse-Heart Institute focuses on everyday English mastery. It's structured to boost your speaking and comprehension skills, making you more confident and effective in English-speaking environments through foundational language skills and real-world applications.

A: To facilitate better retention and comprehension, the course is thoughtfully divided into three units, each dedicated to a month's learning. This structure allows learners to immerse themselves fully in each segment, applying their skills in practical scenarios. With lessons rooted in everyday contexts, interactive activities, and cultural insights, the course is designed to empower you with the ability to communicate effectively in English-speaking settings.

A: This course is perfect for individuals at the beginner to elementary levels looking to improve their spoken English. Whether you're preparing for life in English-speaking areas for personal growth, academic success, or professional advancement, this course offers the foundational skills needed for effective communication.

A: Highlights include foundational language lessons, practical language application in daily scenarios, three interactive live lessons per week, a broad exploration of relevant topics, and insights into cultural nuances, all aimed at enhancing your communication skills.

A: Absolutely. Our Learning Management System provides 24/7 course access, allowing you to start your journey toward mastering everyday English whenever you're ready, offering unparalleled flexibility in your learning schedule.

A: Once you finish Part 1, moving on to "Spoken English Part 2" is the next step. It builds on what you learned, covering more complex communication and cultural nuances. For a broader skill set, including reading and writing, our general English courses at the beginner (A1) or elementary (A2) levels are also recommended.

Embark on your English learning journey with "Spoken English Part 1" at Monse-Heart Institute. This course is your gateway to mastering everyday English, opening up new opportunities and enhancing communication. Enroll now and take the first step towards unlocking English proficiency.