IELTS Life Skills UKVI B1 (Bronze Package)

$ 200

The course includes twelve 30-minute live group sessions over one month, with three sessions each week. A mock test with automated instant marking is provided, along with automated feedback on practice activities and a progress checker. Participants also receive two assessments with detailed teacher feedback. Complete course materials are included.   



Part 3: 6 Month Course

Course Duration: 36 total course hours divided into three parts.

IELTS Life Skills UKVI B1 Level: For Work and Citizenship Online UKVI Life Skills Test Preparation at Monse-Heart Institute

[FREE LEVEL TEST AVAILABLE – Visit our homepage to access a free English proficiency test. This course requires a minimum proficiency of A2 pre-intermediate level English.]

Test Location: UK

Overview: Elevate your English language skills with Monse-Heart Institute’s UKVI B1 Life Skills course. Designed to meet visa requirements, this program also polishes your language proficiency for professional work and citizenship avenues.

Course Highlights:

  • Advanced English: Delve deeper into the language for effective and clear communication.
  • Comprehensive Learning: Grasp an extensive range of vocabulary and grammar for diverse dialogues.
  • Effective Listening: Enhance your skills to decode various spoken English contexts.
  • Real-life Engagement: Master the art of expressing opinions, sharing experiences, and describing events.
  • Everyday Conversations: Prepare for both casual and professional interactions.
  • Team Tasks: Improve proficiency through collaborative exercises.
  • Cultural Insights: Explore and understand British customs, traditions, and societal nuances.
  • Exam Readiness: Engage with rigorous UKVI B1 Life Skills test preparation techniques.

Digital Learning Experience: Experience a seamless learning journey with our state-of-the-art Learning Management System as you navigate through the UKVI B1 Life Skills course. Access resources 24/7, monitor your advancements, and focus on areas that require improvement.

UKVI Requirements: The United Kingdom Visa and Immigration (UKVI) application process requires IELTS UKVI results for specific visa categories and immigration purposes, such as work visas, indefinite leave, and citizenship. The IELTS (UKVI) test evaluates the candidate’s ability to speak and listen, reflecting real-world communication in an English-speaking country. It assesses the ability to listen and respond to spoken language, convey information, feelings, and opinions on familiar topics, and engage in conversation in everyday situations.

Course Material

  • Complete Course Materials on life skills
  • Lessons on Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking
  • Grammar lessons
  • Vocabulary lessons
  • 100+ Practice Questions

Mock Test

  • 1 Mock Tests with automated Instant marking