General English: Intermediate B1 (Silver Package)

$ 400

The course includes twelve 60-minute live group sessions over one month, with three sessions each week. A mock test with automated instant marking is provided, along with automated feedback on practice activities and a progress checker. Participants also receive two assessments with detailed teacher feedback. Complete course materials are included.   



Part 2: 6 Months Access

Course Duration: 36 total course hours divided into three parts.

Intermediate English (B1) Expanding Your Horizons Through Language Proficiency

Overview: Step up your linguistic abilities and open doors to personal, academic, and professional growth with Monse-Heart Institute’s “Intermediate English (B1)” course. Ideal for learners currently at or aiming for the intermediate B1 level on the CEFR scale, this course is your gateway to advanced linguistic skills and competencies.

Digital Learning Experience: Access our comprehensive B1 course at any time through our advanced Learning Management System, offering:

  • Diverse Topics: Immerse yourself in engaging lessons across a variety of modules, each designed to captivate and educate.
  • Practical Focus: Participate in sessions that bring English into real-world applications, enhancing its utility in day-to-day scenarios.
  • Holistic Learning Modules: Benefit from a full suite of learning tools including video introductions, in-depth vocabulary exploration, grammar sessions, and extensive practice covering all aspects of language proficiency.
  • Real-time Feedback: Take advantage of instant grading on tasks and rapid feedback on pronunciation for immediate improvement.
  • Ongoing Assessments: Engage in regular evaluations to ensure consistent progress and alignment with your linguistic goals.

Who Should Enroll:

  • Language enthusiasts at or progressing towards the intermediate (B1) English level.
  • Individuals looking to refine their English for academic success, career advancement, migration, or effective everyday communication.
  • Candidates preparing for IELTS, OET, PTE, TOEFL, who aim to enhance their General English skills for superior test performance.

Tailored Learning: Our adaptable and learner-focused approach allows you to pace your learning journey to suit your individual needs. Successfully completing the B1 level prepares you for a smooth transition to higher levels of language proficiency. Join us at Monse-Heart Institute, broaden your horizons, sharpen your skills, and prepare to meet global challenges head-on.

Course Material

  • Complete Course Materials on Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking
  • Grammar lessons
  • Vocabulary lessons
  • 100+  Practice Questions

Mock Test

  • 1 Mock Test with automated Instant marking