Comprehensive Punctuation Mastery (Bronze Package)

$ 200

The curriculum consists of 36 sessions, including twelve 30-minute group sessions over one month with three live sessions per week. The prerequisite for this course is an intermediate (B1) level. Assessments include automated instant marking of practice activities and an assessments progress checker. Complete course materials are provided.  



Part 1: 6 Months Access

Comprehensive Punctuation Mastery: Achieving Clarity and Style in Written Communication

Online at Monse-Heart Institute


Join the Monse-Heart Institute’s “Comprehensive Punctuation Mastery” course, meticulously designed to polish and perfect your use of punctuation marks, essential tools for clear and effective written communication. This course is an indispensable resource complementing our Grammar and Writing courses, ideal for learners who are keen to enhance their writing precision at or beyond the intermediate (B1) level.

Digital Learning Experience: 
Dive into our comprehensive punctuation curriculum via our intuitive Learning Management System, accessible 24/7:

  • Detailed Insights: Explore thorough modules that cover every punctuation mark—from commas and semicolons to dashes and ellipses. Understand their roles and discover the subtleties of their usage in various contexts.
  • Professional Instruction: Each module is accompanied by a video tutorial led by expert instructors who provide insights into the effective use of punctuation to enhance clarity and reader engagement. Lessons include practical exercises in editing and proofreading.
  • Instant Feedback: Benefit from immediate assessment with quick evaluations of written assignments to help you see where your punctuation can improve.
  • Continuous Progress Tracking: Regular performance reviews and updates ensure that you are constantly developing your skills, helping you master the art of punctuation to refine your writing style.

Who Is It For:

  • Writers and editors looking to elevate the clarity and professionalism of their work.
  • Students at or beyond the intermediate (B1) proficiency level in their writing skills.
  • Individuals supplementing their learning in conjunction with our Grammar and Writing courses.
  • Professionals and academics interested in crafting more polished, publication-ready texts.