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Course Packages

Beginners A1

Group Classes

30-minute (12 live sessions/month, 3 times/week).

Beginners A1

Part 1: $200 USD

Part 2: $200 USD

Part 3: $200 USD

Beginners A1

Group Classes

60-minute (12 live sessions/month, 3 times/week).

Beginners A1

Part 1: $400 USD

Part 2: $400 USD

Part 3: $400 USD

Beginners A1

Group Classes

90-minute (12 live sessions/month, 3 times/week).

Beginners A1

Part 1: $500 USD

Part 2: $500 USD

Part 3: $500 USD

Beginners A1

No Live Session (3 Months Access)

Suitable for self-motivated learner.

Beginners A1
Intense Learning

One-on-one Live Session

24 live (60-minute) sessions/6 months, 1 session/week

Beginner English (A1)

A: The Beginner English (A1) course is specifically designed for individuals at the start of their English language learning journey, targeting the A1 level on the CEFR. It focuses on the fundamentals of English, covering essential skills in reading, listening, writing, and speaking.

A: Students enrolled in the Beginner English (A1) course receive 6 months of access to our comprehensive learning platform, providing ample opportunity to engage deeply with the course materials.

A: This course delivers 36 hours of instructional content, thoughtfully divided into three distinct parts over a three-month period, ensuring a well-rounded and comprehensive learning experience.

A: Live sessions are scheduled three times per week for the Beginner English (A1) course, facilitating regular interaction, continuous feedback, and consistent progress throughout the learning journey.

A: Yes, to accommodate diverse learning preferences and schedules, live class sessions are offered in lengths of 30, 60, and 90 minutes for students at the A1 level.

A: Indeed! Our Beginner English (A1) course offers the flexibility to start at any time within the 12-week cycle, allowing students to begin their English learning journey when it best suits them.

A: Absolutely. While tailored for beginners, this course lays a solid foundation in English that is invaluable for anyone preparing for proficiency tests such as IELTS or TOEFL, enhancing the essential language skills needed for higher-level test preparation.

A: The Intense Learning option is particularly recommended for A1 level learners seeking personalized, intensive language training. It's ideal for rapidly advancing your English skills for any purpose—be it personal, academic, or professional.

A: After achieving A1 proficiency, we encourage you to continue your language learning with the "Elementary English (A2)" course. Advancing to the A2 level will further develop your English skills, preparing you for more complex communication and offering enhanced opportunities for growth and success.