UKVI Life Skills A2 (Intense Learning)

$ 720

The course includes 24 one-on-one live sessions, each 60 minutes, completed over 6 months with one session per week. Two mock tests with automated instant marking are provided, along with automated feedback on practice activities and a progress checker. Participants receive six assessments with detailed teacher feedback. Complete course materials are included.  



Intense Learning: 6 Months Access

IELTS Life Skills UKVI A2 Level: For Family or Spouse Visas Online UKVI Life Skills Test Preparation at Monse-Heart Institute

[FREE LEVEL TEST AVAILABLE – Visit our homepage to access a free English proficiency test. This course requires a minimum proficiency of A1 Beginner level English.]

Test Location: UK

Overview: Enhance your English communication skills and more with Monse-Heart Institute’s UKVI Life Skills A2-level course. This program offers more than just preparation for your UK visa; it sets you on a path of lifelong learning and confidence-building. Dive deep into practical English applications and cultural insights, embarking on a journey that broadens your perspectives.

What To Expect:

  • Practical English Proficiency: Customized lessons to ensure you’re adept in day-to-day communication.
  • Language Mastery: Benefit from an enriched vocabulary, polished grammar, and the ability to engage in more mature conversations.
  • Listening Skills: Develop the ability to understand diverse English contexts with enhanced listening skills.
  • Expression Training: Learn to articulate your thoughts, discuss experiences, and navigate daily scenarios effectively.
  • Real-life Replication: Engage in role-plays and simulations that mirror authentic English interactions.
  • Cultural Insights: Immerse yourself in the nuances of British culture, traditions, and societal norms.

Digital Learning Experience: Our advanced Learning Management System offers a seamless and engaging learning journey. Access resources at any time, monitor your progress, and focus on key areas for improvement.

UKVI Requirements: The United Kingdom Visa and Immigration (UKVI) application process mandates that candidates submit their IELTS UKVI results to maintain or extend their visa. The IELTS (UKVI) test evaluates the candidate’s ability to speak and listen, assessing how well they obtain or convey information, communicate, and engage in discussions.

Important Note: After two and a half years in the UK, non-EEA national partners and parents on the family route are required to pass a speaking and listening test at the A2 level to qualify for further leave or to remain on the five-year partner or parent route to settlement. This applies to individuals from outside the European Union and European Economic Area (EEA).

Course Material

  • Complete Course Materials on life skills
  • Lessons on Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking
  • Grammar lessons
  • Vocabulary lessons
  • 100+ Practice Questions

Mock Test

  • 2 Mock Tests with automated Instant marking