Medical English: Essential (Bronze) 6 Months Access 16 (30 minutes) live group sessions completed in 2 months. 2 Live sessions/per week

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Course Material + Complete Course Material on Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. + Grammar lessons + Vocabulary lessons + Bedside Mannerism in Western Environment 100 + Practice Questions  



English for Healthcare Providers

Overview: The “Medical English: Essential” course at Monse-Heart Institute is a specialized program designed for healthcare providers. It focuses on enhancing English communication skills in a medical context, ensuring healthcare professionals can effectively interact with English-speaking patients and colleagues in the globally interconnected world of healthcare.

Course Accessibility: Accessible 24/7 on our state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS), “Medical English: Essential” offers:

  • Comprehensive Modules: Focused on key skills such as listening, reading, writing, and speaking, along with understanding culturally competent bedside manners.
  • Real-World Scenarios: Engage with scenario-based practice questions that mirror real-life healthcare situations, improving your practical communication skills.
  • Interactive Live Classes: Learn from experienced instructors through stimulating live classes, tailored to enhance language proficiency in medical settings.
  • Practical Application: Participate in hands-on exercises designed to reinforce your ability to apply language skills in actual clinical environments.

Who Should Enroll: This course is specifically crafted for healthcare professionals who seek to establish a strong foundation in English, tailored for effective communication in medical settings. It is ideal for:

  • Healthcare providers aiming to improve their English communication skills for better patient interaction.
  • Medical professionals who require English proficiency for working in English-speaking healthcare environments.

Advancement: Upon completing the “Medical English: Essential” course, students are encouraged to consider our advanced medical English offerings. These courses aim to further develop English skills, preparing healthcare providers for more complex and nuanced clinical communication.

Embark on a transformative journey with Monse-Heart Institute and set yourself apart in the world of healthcare.


For this course, you should be at or above intermediate (B1) level.

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