English Pronunciation: Advanced (Bronze) 6 months access

$ 240

Live Classes 16 (30 minutes) live group sessions completed in 2 months. 2 Live sessions/per week Platform Access 6 months access Assessment with Feedback Automated Instant marking of practice  Activities Automated Instant feedback on  pronunciation practice activities Prerequisite It is recommended to study the consonant phonemes in the Essential Pronunciation course first. These base sounds…


Achieve Linguistic Precision with Exceptional English Articulation

Course Overview: Take your English articulation to extraordinary heights with the “Advanced Pronunciation Course” at Monse-Heart Institute. Crafted with precision, this course focuses on the intricacies of consonant clusters, equipping you to achieve the clarity and authenticity in pronunciation akin to that of native speakers.

Digital Learning At Its Best: Immerse yourself in a sophisticated learning experience with 24/7 access to our state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS). The “Advanced Pronunciation Course” features:

  • Deep Dive into Consonant Clusters: Overcome the challenges of English articulation by mastering consonant clusters, essential for achieving sharp and precise pronunciation.
  • Expert-Led Modules: Receive expert guidance on the complexities of pronunciation, with seasoned instructors providing actionable insights and resources to refine your articulation skills.
  • Real-time Feedback and Assignments: Engage in adaptive learning tailored to your individual needs. Prioritize consonant clusters of your choice and benefit from customized assignments that target your specific learning objectives.

Is This Course for You? This transformative course is perfect for individuals who aim to:

  • Excel in articulating English consonant clusters with finesse and precision.
  • Enhance their spoken clarity, confidence, and overall comprehensibility.
  • Emulate the pronunciation nuances of native English speakers, distinguishing themselves in any conversational setting.

Why Monse-Heart Institute? The “Advanced Pronunciation Course” at Monse-Heart Institute is more than an educational journey; it’s a commitment to reshaping your English pronunciation. It’s about empowering you with the confidence and skill to articulate with distinction and precision. Enroll with us and transform each word you utter into a testament to your linguistic mastery.

Course Material

  • Lessons on consonant clusters
  • Lessons on different phonemic sounds in English
  • Each lesson contains: A video lesson with an expert teacher giving simple pronunciation explanations and interactive practice in Listening and speaking