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The course offers a group learning environment with interactive activities. It includes twelve 40-minute live sessions over one month, with three sessions per week. Assessments provide automated instant marking, progress checking, and continuous feedback. Complete course materials feature videos, word lists, role-plays, pronunciation practice, and grammar lessons.  



Unit 1:

Course Duration: 12 Weeks-Advanced Conversations and Fluency Course divided into 3 units; the course is taught one unit per month.

Spoken English Part 2 English in Action: Real English for Everyday Life

For Elementary to Pre-Intermediate Level, Part 2 Online Spoken English Course at Monse-Heart Institute

[FREE LEVEL TEST AVAILABLE – Visit our homepage to access a free English proficiency test. This course is designed for individuals progressing from elementary to pre-intermediate proficiency level.]

Overview: “Spoken English Part 2: English in Action – Real English for Everyday Life” is the next step in your journey to English fluency. Building upon the foundations laid in Part 1, this course is perfect for those who are ready to expand their speaking and comprehension skills further in English-speaking environments for work, study, or everyday life.

Course Highlights:

  • Advanced Communication Skills: Develop more complex vocabulary and advanced grammar structures to express yourself more effectively and naturally in English.
  • Real-life Scenario Engagement: Delve into more intricate scenarios and discussions, enhancing your ability to navigate diverse social and professional situations.
  • Enhanced Interactive Learning: Continue with three live lessons per week, integrating more advanced interactive activities like debates, presentations, and group discussions to challenge your language skills.
  • Expanding Topics: Explore broader and more complex topics such as global events, cultural nuances, advanced workplace communication, and contemporary issues.
  • In-Depth Cultural Exploration: Gain a deeper understanding of the cultural subtleties and intricacies within English-speaking communities.
  • Regular Progress Evaluation: Advanced practice tests and more detailed feedback sessions to monitor and guide your progression to higher language proficiency.

Digital Learning Experience: Advance further with our comprehensive Learning Management System, designed to support your growth from elementary to pre-intermediate English proficiency. Continue to enjoy 24/7 access to extensive resources, more tailored tracking of your progress, and focused improvement strategies in a user-friendly online environment.

Building on the foundation of Part 1, Monse-Heart Institute is dedicated to taking your English proficiency to the next level. “Spoken English Part 2: English in Action – Real English for Everyday Life” offers an immersive and challenging environment to refine your language skills, preparing you for more complex communication in English-speaking countries, whether for personal, academic, or professional purposes.