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Course Packages

Proficient C1 BronzE

Group Classes

30-minute (12 live sessions/month, 3 times/week).


Part 1: $200 USD

Part 2: $200 USD

Part 3: $200 USD

Proficient C1 Silver

Group Classes

60-minute (12 live sessions/month, 3 times/week).


Part 1: $400 USD

Part 2: $400 USD

Part 3: $400 USD

Proficient C1 Gold

Group Classes

90-minute (12 live sessions/month, 3 times/week).


Part 1: $500 USD

Part 2: $500 USD

Part 3: $500 USD

Proficient C1 Self-Study

No Live Session

Suitable for self-motivated learner.

Advanced English (C1)

A: Tailored for learners aiming to reach or enhance their proficiency to the C1 level on the CEFR scale, the Advanced English (C1) course prepares you for global mastery by refining your linguistic abilities. It's designed for significant strides in academic, professional, and everyday contexts, ideal for those seeking the highest level of language proficiency.

A: Enrollees in the Advanced English (C1) course receive 6 months of access to our intuitive Learning Management System, offering ample time to deeply engage with and benefit from the comprehensive curriculum.

A: Offering 36 hours of rich instructional content over three months, the course is structured to foster holistic growth. It includes diverse and engaging content, practical applications in real-life scenarios, enriched vocabulary sessions, and comprehensive practice in all key language domains.

A: Live sessions, pivotal for engaging interaction and real-time feedback, are conducted three times per week, supporting consistent progress in mastering advanced English skills.

A: To suit a variety of learning preferences and schedules, live class sessions are offered in 30, 60, and 90-minute intervals for students at the advanced level.

A: Yes, the course's flexible enrollment allows students to start their advanced English learning at any point within the 12-week cycle, aligning with individual needs and commitments.

A: Absolutely. This course enhances General English proficiency, providing an excellent foundation for excelling in proficiency tests such as IELTS, OET, PTE, TOEFL, aiming for outstanding results.

A: Recommended for C1 learners seeking personalized, thorough language training, the Intense Learning option is perfect for those aspiring to linguistic excellence for global engagement, whether for academic, professional, or personal reasons.

A: Upon achieving C1 proficiency, learners are well-prepared for global opportunities. To further language development, consider exploring specialized courses, professional English courses, pronunciation courses, or language teaching certifications, enhancing your skills and expanding your opportunities.

The Advanced English (C1) course at Monse-Heart Institute is your gateway to unlocking linguistic excellence. With comprehensive content, personalized learning paths, and extensive support, you're set on a path to making impactful contributions in a global context.